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Words by Matt Huxley
WITH winter sadly on the brink of leaving us, it’s time to de-hair, and get our new summer cuts sorted. So who better to discuss all things hair with than with a world renowned barber? I had a chat with Tommy J to discuss experience, products and everything you need to know about hair.
MM: Hey Tommy, how are you?
I’m doing very well, thanks!
Tell us about your first barber experience.
It’s hard to pinpoint my first barbering experience as I’ve been lucky enough to have so many great moments but my first real career highlight was a Tattoo Expo in 2010.
My greatest barbering experience however, was on a Saturday morning where it was the first time every single chair in the shop was full and we had clients lining up, waiting for haircuts.
It was a moment where my team and I felt we had made it. To celebrate, Phil from my team poured us all a shot, we toasted a cheer and then kept cutting! To this day, it’s one of the biggest highlights in my career and I couldn’t have done it without my team.
What do you think is the most versatile haircut for a man to have?
Short back and sides with a side part is the most common and versatile cut we do in the barber shop and is probably one of my favourites to cut. It can be worn natural, messy or slick.
What are your go to hair style products?
I’m a massive fan of the Uppercut Deluxe range; their products suit the barber shop to a T!
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is my favourite product, there’s nothing like the slick crispness this product gives a style or cut.
What is your favourite part about your profession?
My favourite part of the profession is being able to wake up every day and have the freedom to be creative at my own will. Being a barber, I interact with different people each day, broadening the horizons of so many different aspects of my life.
As a small business owner, I feel I’ve reached the level in my career where I realise barbering is a profession. It’s no longer a job for me but rather a lifestyle and one that I’d highly recommend for anyone to give a go. I have a great crew who stand behind and support me and in turn, I’m able to help guide and shape their careers.
Associating myself with companies such as Uppercut Deluxe has allowed me to travel and meet some of the greatest barbers in the world including fellow Uppercut Deluxe Ambassadors, Dane ‘Pig Barber’ Hesse from USA and Luke Dolan from Luke’s Barbers Shop in the UK.
Run us through a day in your life.
A day in the life of Tommy J –
6am – Wake up and hit the gym with a bunch of buddies.
8am – Shower, get dressed and jump on my motorcycle and ride to work in Redfern.
9am – Hang the open sign on the Barber Shop door, enjoy a coffee, check my emails and sweep the shop ready for the day ahead.
Soon after, the crew and clients start rolling in, hair starts getting chopped and the phone keeps buzzing away for majority of the day.
5pm – We try to wrap up for the day however we do have our late nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when we are open till 8pm.
Every day is different. One day we could be off to do a show and the next we could be booking flights to travel interstate. The possibilities are endless and I guess that’s why my job is so exciting!
You’ve been associated with Uppercut Deluxe for a little while now, what is it about their products that you love so much?
From the Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm that has just hit the shelf to their styling range, Uppercut Deluxe seems to have covered all bases in the barbering world.
They’re an extremely versatile company and are constantly on the forefront of the Men’s grooming movement. They’re coming out with products that seem to be ticking all the right boxes.
What would be your advice for anyone looking to get into the hair industry?
Be prepared to work hard and be clear on what you want to achieve, as the hairdressing and barbering world is not an easy career. My best advice would be to go to your local barber, get a haircut and have a good chin wag with him. See if you can do some work experience, you never know, you just might love it, I do.
Time for our rapid fire series… get ready!
Moustache’s: yes or no?
Scissors or shaver?
Favourite Tim Tam flavour?
The most underrated haircare product is?
Hair spray
Thanks for your time Tommy!
Thank you!


112 George Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

0405 331 286


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Instagram: @hairbytommyj

Unky Tommy!

Congratulations Uncle Tommy! Earlier this week Mr Tommy J became an uncle. Woo! Poor child though... He'll be going in for his first face tatt by the time he's 5. Oh dear!

Last weekend we opened the salon doors to our good mate Joel for his charity exhibition event. We took all the boards and posters down off the walls (what a task) so he could hang his prints up to sell and raise money. All in all it was a successful event. With close to 100 people coming through the space at any time, we realised the capacity the shop can actually hold! Scary stuff... Haha!

The Melbourne leg of Tattoo expo is next weekend! Whooah we're pumped. We've got a fresh batch of merch come through for the final leg of this year to hand out while we're down there so come grab some stuff from us at our stall! And come say hi to make us feel welcome too. This is the first time we're going to Melbourne as Hair By Tommy J and we're pretty excited. There are so many amazing tattoo artists going to this leg of the Aus Tattoo Expo to check out. It'd be a shame to miss it! If anyone wants to recommend places for us to check out, things to see and venues to drink at and catch a live band or 5, please swing them our way! We wanna have the whole Melbourne experience.

Tattoo expo will be our final event for this year as we focus more on getting as many rad clients in before Christmas as possible. So this blog may go a bit quiet as we try and smash out as many bookings as possible.

I read somewhere we only have 5 weeks till Christmas. Scary stuff huh! Hope you've all booked in for your Christmas appointments! We're booked solid today and our weekends are filling up so fast over the coming weeks. I can't stress enough the benefit of booking ahead for the festive season, to avoid disappointment. There is only so many cuts we can fit in to a day! And we're pushing our opening hours back in to the evenings to try and fit as many people in as possible. Give the shop a call to secure a booking. Even if it turns out you can't make it that day, it's better to have booked and cancelled than missed out all together! 

Also, just a reminder that a text message, Facebook message or Instagram comment regarding an appointment is NOT a booking guarantee. PLEASE call us to secure your appointment 100%

Stay rad err body.


Tattoo Expo, 6 Months in Asia Exhibition, New Merch etc

Hey guys!
Hope you've all had a rad week. Our book is filling up so quickly! Only 5 more weekends to go before we close for Christmas. Scary scary stuff! Where has the year gone... 

Tonight we're helping a mate out and opening the shop up to him for his exhibition called 6 Months in Asia. We are always happy to open the shop doors for exhibitions and party's like this if it can help out a mate or an artist for a good cause.  His name is Joel Pratley. Check it. Doors are at 7pm and it's BYO. Come party.

I'm going to take this opportunity to say thanks to you all that have made the effort to make AJ and Matt as welcome as possible. AJ has got nearly all her clients making follow up appointments before Xmas and as well as Matt. It's a great feeling to see you guys opening up to having a different barber caress your tresses. It can be risky business! But we wouldn't have them here if they weren't up to the man Tommy J's standard. 

To anyone that's been in through the shop recently, you may have noticed a few new products from Uppercut. They've now stocked us up with a few little 'gift' packs, some containing a tin of uppercut shave cream/aftershave moisturiser, a comb and/or shampoo and conditioner. They've also released a soap bar! The soap is great. It is based on goat milk and is fragrance free, being someone who has fragile skin I can appreciate the love that has gone in to making it suitable for sensitive skin :) the gift packs have been going like hot cakes! Great little Christmas presents for someone special, or just as a treat for yourself! And incredibly reasonably priced. So pop in today and grab one before we sell out!

I totally dig the Mo wax! If I had a mo, I'd be rocking the slickest curls, I guarantee it! 
It's been great to see dudes come through the shop rocking their Movember efforts with style and pride, no matter how seedy or glorious.

Dino ate a pug last night too... That was fun. 

As for Tattoo Expo, we're at two weeks and counting! Just a reminder to everyone who may be coming down to see us there, tickets are $5 cheaper than on the door if purchased beforehand through their website. That's $5 extra spending money! 

Also, if you follow us on Instagram you would have seen that we've had our new logo screen printed. Come grab one before they all go at Tattoo Expo!

Until next time... Stay looking sharp.

Deus, The Soda Factory, Melbourne Tattoo Expo, and Christmas

It feels weird to have nights off again now that the sailor jerry bar has finished up for now. We sure do miss them though. Of course it won't be the last that we'll be seeing of them. the guys at sailor jerry are so rad, and we dig everything they do.

We got a spontaneous call from Uppercut last week with a gig at The Soda Factory! We had an absolute blast, as always. That place is cool and we'll definitely be checking it out again really soon! If you haven't been there already, their hot dogs are to die for... Just ask Ella!

Last weekend we went along to the Deus biker build off in Camperdown. They have such cool events over there. So much manliness all in one place at the one time. Pity Tommy's bike is currently being dismantled... 

Some of you hay have noticed we've changed out front sign artwork... This has been all thanks to Joel Cameron. Y'all need to check this guy out. An amazing artist and illustrator. Check out his work. Thanks again Joel. 

"Joel Cameron is a Sydney based artist and freelance designer, with a focus on illustration, branding and sculpture. 
Joel has been involved with a number of group exhibitions around Australia and specializes in skateboard and t-shirt design having recently illustrated a series for Sydney Skate label Have Skateboards."


IG: @joelcameron


We've got a fresh batch of stickers and more merch with out new logo, as well as a few other fun things for you guys such as patches and other cool sh*t, all in time for the Melbourne Tattoo Expo.

Come to think of it, that's creeping up on us super soon! 3 weeks to go! What a countdown. This will be the first time Hair By Tommy J has been down to Melbourne for business purposes so we're really excited for this leg of the expo. Our good friends from Rebel Wolf Clothing Co have recently relocated down there as well so it'll be nice to see some familiar faces once we're down there. You guys should check him out, he's been a loyal customer of ours as well  as a good friend since day one. He's done a fair amount of sign work in the shop for us over the years and has recently moved to Melbourne to further his career as an illustrator. Rebel Wolf Clothing Co. Get on it!

The legends down at Uppercut have sent us these rad little essential packages just in time for Christmas! They include a tin of pomade, shave cream and aftershave moisturiser, all in a cute little box. Such a steal! A perfect little present for that special gentlemen in your life, or even treat yourself!  We've only got a few in stock though so get in quick! 

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome our new barber to the Hair By Tommy J family, AJ has started with us full time from this week onwards and she's already developed a repeat clientele. She's ready to put the boys to the test so boom in with her for your Christmas cut before we close up for the silly season! 

Which reminds me, y'all need to make sure you have made a pre-Christmas appointment before we book out! Our Saturdays throughout December are already filling up super quick so a word of advice is to get in ASAP to avoid disappointment. We'll be taking later evening appointments leading up to our closing date to make sure we can fit you all in. So get to it! 

Sailor Jerry, Chopped, My Bondi Riot and Tattoo Expo

We're in week 6 now of the sailor jerry pop up bar in kings cross. This would have been the final week of the adventure, but it seems no one is ready to end the fun, so we've signed up for another 6 weeks! Chops at Hotel Street are at a discounted rate so come on down and get your hair snipped whilst sipping on an ice cold rum and feel suave. Ladies, form a line...

For anyone that hasn't come along yet to check out the fun, you don't know what you're missing out on! Rum, live bands every night, a food truck, and walls lined with original Norman Collins 'Sailor Jerry' flash and art. 

Over the weekend, you may have noticed that Tommy J was absent from the shop. He jetted off to this years annual Chopped festival in Victoria. Seriously, could it get any more manly... He hasn't stopped raving about it since he got back!  Bikes, rods, babes and booze. What more could any man, or woman, want? We're really excited for next years festival already. To anyone we missed catching up with, we're sorry... There was just so much to see and not enough time!

As the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked. Shortly after getting off the plane, we packed our chair up and raced over to My Bonding Riot at Beach Rd Hotel. These guys are doing cool things for local communities around Sydney. We have so much fun at these events. It's such a privilege to be a part of these cool little shows :) remember we're always open to helping out at any cool little event you may be planning on holding. Check for all the deets on the events page of this blog, or on our Facebook. Rad!

To those who follow us on Facebook, you will surely be aware of the fact that we've been helping out at this years batch of tattoo expos across the country. We had a blast over in Perth and we're pretty excited for the Melbourne stint of the expo to finish off a rad year. It'll be our first trip to work in Melbourne so we're pretty damn excited! Who will be coming to see us and make us feel at home?

We'll be there for all three days of the expo, 29th, 30th and 1st of next month, so keep these dates free!

We've got a whole bunch of smaller events coming up in the near future in the meantime. Jurassic Lounge on Tuesday the 15th of October is quickly approaching, we'll be packing up our chair and doing cuts at a crazy discounted rate. Come check it out, dinosaurs and shit!

We've also got a sweet gig for monster children real soon, so keep your eyes on this blog for more info as its confirmed!

Just a reminder, we're still looking for some staff members to join our team! If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who's interested/cool. Forward our details on!

Gotta run cool cats, jetting off to Hotel Street yet again!

Stay rad.

Hotel Street, Monster Children, Chopped, Deus and more!

I'm sitting here in front if the screen trying to think of something witty and funny to open this blog post with... I turn to the closest person and ask them what I should open with... So I will go with his suggestion...

Matty Dillon is fucking rad.

And so is Tim.

In other news... 

For the love of all that is rumy, If you haven't already gotten down to Hotel Street in Kings Cross, you probably should. Your quality of life will improve drastically. You'll also have a ripper of a time getting loosely intoxicated and dancing the night away like its 1999.
We've been there since day one, cutting hair and trimming beards most nights of the week. As always, cuts at our pop up shops are a steal at $20 a pop, so come on down for a cheeky rum and check out the original sailor jerry flash on the walls and see a band or 5.

Cheers to the photographers on the nights for the snaps. Rad!

We love everything Deus do, and last weekends Surf swap meet was no exception. Vintage surfboards, shaping and skateys. What more could you want! We were there for the better part of the day doing our thang and hanging out with the cool kids. To all that missed it, we'll be sure to keep you updated on the next one. So watch this space!

We've also got some super rad collaborations coming up over the next few months. You'll be the first to know when everything is confirmed to stay tuned! Here's a hint: MC.

This Sunday, the Distinguished Gentlemens Ride will be beginning at Wholebean Cafe in Marrickville and finishing up at Fox Studios. We'll be at the finish line ready and waiting with the chair set up to tidy everyone up before heading off to the after party. 

Check out their site for more info.

We're very sad to announce that Povi, the mind behind Rebel Wolf Clothing Co. is leaving us to move to the big smoke, Melbourne. He's done so much for us here at the salon and we want to wish him the very best of luck in the next chaper of his life. We'll miss you Povi! Stay sharp.
He did one last job for us before he jets off. Thanks man, Jenny is now bangin'!

Jurassic lounge is just around the corner! Who will we be seeing there next month? Our chops will be at our usual discounted price again so come on down and check out the dinosaurs and shit! Deets are on our Facebook. Rad!

Before all the election nonsense, we had a lovely little phone call from the dudes at SBS. Who'd a thought that Tommy was that interesting! To all that missed it, we've been proudly flaunting it to everyone that walks through the door. Here is a link, check it out, watch Tommy get sweaty and talk about hair and shit. Rad!

Gotta jet dudes and dolls.

Stay rad!


Sailor Jerry Hotel Street Bar!

Calling all Barbers!

Hair by Tommy J is hiring!

Are you talented with a pair of scissors and a set of clippers?  Are you a third year or higher who is interested in extending your knowledge of traditional barbering/cut throat shaves?

Please forward your resume to or give us a call on 0405 331 286

Woooooo Saturday! And what an awesome Saturday it is! We've been so busy here with booked out days and back to back nights at the Sailor Jerry Pop Up bar in Kings Cross. For all of you that haven't come along and checked it out yet, we'll be there most nights between 6-9pm cutting hair for half the price! All the details can be found here.

Here are just a couple of excellent snaps from the past few nights at the Sailor Jerry bar in Kings Cross.

Cheers to the photographer on the night for the snaps!

To all of you who didnt know, we have had a new batch of shirts land in the shop this week!
You can now wear our chattering skull on an old school raglan, Woo!

We've also had a totally radical dude submit this artwork to us, which we've had printed as stickers. They're so cool, and we really dig the little motto, "Live fast- Die lookin' sharp"
How excellent is that!

If you want to hit him up for some work, get at him here. Stay tuned for more collaborations with local artists! That means if you are interested in submitting some artwork to us to potentially be turned in to stickers/tshirts, get at us!

World Beard Day, Chop and Run, Sailor Jerry and Matty Dillon...

I think everyone will agree when I say that winter is definitely over. Its an amazing day, the sun is out, its f*cking HOT and the ciders have already begun to pour. 

I will take this opportunity to let all you dudes in on a little advice. I can only imagine how hot it must feel in summer with a glorious, thick beard on your face. But before you go considering shaving it off for summer, remember this: Shaving your beard is going to give you as much relief from the heat as shaving your balls. So shave your balls not your beard. We'd really appreciate if all you glorious men could savor that facial fur for just a little longer than the official beard season. I'll tell you why soon, but it'll be worth it ;)

The wonderful dudes from Sailor Jerry are doing excellent things over in KingsX over the next couple of weeks, and, you guessed it... we'll be there chopping and snipping and shaving and keeping all you smashing young chaps looking sharp. They've got heaps going on over the next 5 weeks, go check it out here!

I always get a kick off how much you guys dig our little Chop and Run challenges. Already I've received so many photos of our stickers being slapped in risque places. Keep it up dudes! We've still got about 800 stickers to be distributed among you all! And don't forget the rules, get it done by the end of the month to get your free snip!

Sorry to cut this short, but we've had a ridiculous day in the salon and its nearly time to let loose for WORLD BEARD DAY!!
Seriously, a bearded kissing booth?? How could I resist?!

Stay gnarly Guys and Dolls, hope to see a bunch of you around tonight!

Hannah :)

Ps, Matty Dillon is cool.

Chop and Run Task for September!

Here it is... the Chop and Run Task for September:

The gnarliest sticker bomb!

So, we've just had a new sticker and tshirt design printed up ready to go for tattoo expo... but guess what, we have an extra 1000... yes thats right, a THOUSAND stickers to give out to you guys to go and slap in the most daring, creative and hard to reach place you can find. Hannah thought she'd get the ball rolling by sticker bombing the inside of a toilet at the Annandale, and Tommy got a not-so-impressed phone call from the Annandale Maccas management kindly asking him to not sticker bomb their pastry display again... who can top that?! But remember, keep it legal!

Y'all should know the rules, and to all those newbys, the rules are posted on the blog a little futher down.

Get slapping!

Voodoo, World Beard Day and Tattoo Expo, Oh My!

And now... the announcement you've all been waiting for...

Tommy is heading to Voodoo Tattoo in Gosford for ONE day next week! So all you Guys and Dolls up that way that have been hanging to get your tresses treated, this is your chance! First in best dressed, keeping it old school!

Also... 5 days before the Perth Tattoo Expo!! We're so excited, the chair and the tools have been shipped, and the countdown is on. This is the first time Tommy has been over to that side of the country, so all you WA folk feel free to suggest places to eat, sights to check out, and all the happening things going on. We'll also have a new range of shirts and stickers on hand so grab some fresh merch while you get a crisp snip!

So y'all should be aware that we've been dropping hints as to our little event we've been tucked away brainstorming for... well, we're now ready to start spreading the love and have announced an expression of interest to all you bearded men out there who would be willing to get involved. You must be comfortable with being in front of the camera and getting a little loosey goosey all for charity's sake. If this sounds like something you'd be up for, flick us a fb message, email or check out the post above. Rad!

Who's excited about World Beard Day?  We know Hannah is....

How could anyone resist The Beards, Gay Paris AND Jackson Firebird all in one place at one time?!

Unfortunately, this falls the same weekend as Tattoo Expo, and as much as Tommy would love to go along and support... he can't be in two places at the same time... (lame) 
Tix are still available, so head on down for a cracker of a good time! Ladies, I hear there is a bearded kissing booth! :D

Get on it!

Just a little reminder to everyone as well, and to the folks that didnt get the momo, the event has MOVED VENUES!!

Its now being held at Manning Bar, unfortunately the Annandale cannot hold the amount of people that are expected to come along. Its a real shame, but Manning Bar will be a rad venue for this to take place. Hope to see a lot of you there!

Espression of Interest!

Casting Call!

To all those bearded dudes out there, I am calling on you to loan me your face for charity's sake. You must be comfortable with getting a little silly in front of the camera and having your face (potentially) printed on shirts. Please send though your deets to... 

Our Pretty Lady (and other things)

As some of our clients will already know, we've lost a very loved member of the Guys and Dolls Family.

This week, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful lady dog, Bella.

She is very missed and we want to take this opportunity to say thankyou to everyone who has shown their love and support for us during this time. You guys rock.

We love you Bella :) 

We've had a big week this week, both personally and professionally. Thanks so much to everyone who came in to the shop over the weekend while Tommy was away being glamorous and partying it up in Melbourne. Matt tried extra hard to squeeze as many as you in as possible, but there is only so much one barber can do. To anyone that missed out on getting an appointment on the weekend you know what to do! Come in to the shop or give us a call.  Rad.

The Perth edition of Tattoo Expo is quickly approaching! The flights have been booked and the dates have been set. We're so excited to be heading over to that side of the country and meeting some of our cool supporters over there! I wonder how many new tattoo's will be invested in while we're over there.....  Be sure to pop on over and show us some love :)

We're also doing a pop up shop at the next Jurassic Lounge at the Museum in October. This should be heaps of fun... Dinosaurs!! Seriously, that's all I should need to say right? Oh, btw. Cuts will be HALF the price they are in shop... so y'all should definitely come down for a discounted snip... deets are Here.

Boy golly have we got a huge announcement for you guys in the months to come! I've been tucked away planning a super secret, super huge event for you guys to come along to. Stay tuned, the most exciting part is I will need your involvement for it to happen!

We've heard some shocking news about one of our favourite Doll's immacualte Valiant being stolen from the front of her home on Friday morning. If anyone has seen Buster, or has any information that could help us get her back to her owner, please pass it on to here. All our fellow car owners and lovers will understand the pain and frustration of having your pride and joy taken from you, after having put countless hours of work into them. 

Stay gnarly Dudes and Dolls,

Hannah :)

Rebel Wolf!

I've been staring at this computer screen for the better part of an hour trying to sum up our week into a condensed blog post... Its harder than you'd think!

So many big things are coming our way over the next few months. We've got a new line of shirts and stickers currently being printed. It still blows my mind how quick the first run of shirts went out the door, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you guys are out there repping our shop and what we're all about. I cannot wait to show you the new line, but I've gotta keep it a secret till after the Perth Tattoo Expo (bugger)

Speaking of, that's creeping up on us reeeeeally soon! Who is going to come and get a snip and show us some love!?

Our favourite Lady Dog, Bella has been a sick little puppy the past couple of weeks. She's been spending heaps of time in the salon with us hanging out and getting heaps of cuddles and belly rubs. Come in and show her some love at your next appointment, fingers and toes crossed the vet can find what is making her so sick and we can start treatment, We love her and miss her loving lady personality. 

Also, a big shoutout to everyone who has had their hair snipped by our new barber Matt. He's settled in really well to the shop and is building a great return clientele  Thanks to all you guys for being rad, we know how scary it can be to leave your beloved tresses in the hands of someone new.

Is there anything Povi can't do? Really? On top of his already busy schedule of design and signwriting, he's somehow managed to find the time to release a clothing line.

Rebel Wolf Clothing Co, go check them out on facebook, instagram and at the next car show/alternative market, or rockabilly gig.

Give them some love!  

Keep being rad guys and dolls, we'll see you really soon!

Lots of love and glitter, Hannah :)

Perth Tattoo Expo!

My favourite question I get asked by the younger generation would have to be "Do tattoo's hurt?"

And my answer is, of course they fucking do.

I remember asking the same question when I was just a youngin'. I frequently got told that they didn't, and to stop being a girl (easier said than done, since I so happen to be a girl) But lets face it, they fucking hurt. Anyone that says they don't is a big fat liar.

Its so rad to see how the tattoo industry has grown in to such a widely accepted lifestyle. I get inspired when the younger generation ask about tattoo's and are genuinely interested in the artwork and story's that go along with them.

It makes us so proud to be a part of the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo for 4 years in a row now, which promotes tattoo acceptance, and supports the artists in the industry.

We feel that the styles we give our clients aren't just haircuts, they go along with the lifestyle.

We'll be going along to the Perth Tattoo and Body Art Expo next month. All our interstate followers should pop over and show us some love. We've got a new batch of stickers and tshirts for you guys, with fresh new artwork, so get your grubby little mitts on them!

We also have an extra special event we've been planning up our sleeves. We're still yet to finalize dates and a couple of other relatively important factors before we can announce the big news to you guys, but of course we'll keep you posted!

Stay loose. H.

So many Bearded Men!

So many dudes with beards!! 

Here is just a small selection of guys that got their faces slapped with stickers... Enjoy!

Rusty Summer Range Release!

I can't stress enough how good an event Sailor Jerry seem to put on...

On Thursday we packed up shop and made our way over to Manly for Rusty's release of their Summer sunglasses range. So rad!

After rolling in and setting up, we had the first client in at 6.30 and with a ciggie in one hand and scissors in the other, it was non stop till about 10 that night. Tattoo artists buzzed away beside us and Sailor Jerry Rum poured from the ceiling. If its not too bold, I think I had the best mexican I've ever had that night.

BIG thanks to Rusty, Sailor Jerry, Monster Children and Uppercut Deluxe for having us and putting on a rad night!

Thankyou All!

There comes a time in everyone's life where you'll find yourself having one of those sappy moments where you reminisce on the good times, the bad times and the down right seedy times... Sometimes (most times) its brought on by a big night on the booze the night before. Seeing all you cool cats repping our Tee's and risking your beautiful faces by slapping an adhesive sticker on a bearded man has made us realise, that we dig every single one of you guys, and without you we wouldn't be where we are today. So here's a big Thankyou to all of you that make this possible for us. 


Big things have been in the works for us recently. Following a very successful meeting with the crew from Sailor Jerry, We're soooo stoked to be announcing that we've got some excellent plans in the making. We can't give too much away right now, but we'll be sure to keep you all posted in the near future!

Everyones got a Towny story. Its always there looking out for you. Its there with open doors when no one else will take you in, its there holding your hair back when you're vomiting in the gutter outside, And its the only pub in Newtown that won't let you in for being too sober. You'll be guaranteed a deafening ring in your ears after seeing a band that blows out the laws of sound, or no memory of being there at all.Last night Pat Capocci played a staggering 4 hour set to an audience of oldschool rockabilly swingin' cats, both young and old. We take our hats off to anyone who can for starters, play three sets over four hours, and secondly, get a a crowd of people both young and old, swinging and dancing and shaking for every single song. If you havent already, check him out. They play so regularly you'll never have an excuse to not catch them at your local venue.

Check him out Here.

In other news... the July task for Chop and Run has been going off! We ran out of stickers within the first week and recieved so many photos of glorious beards being whacked with our stickers. Firstly, congratulations on not getting your face wrecked as you slapped said beards...Its risky business hitting an adhesive on such delicate facial hair. Secondly, you've only got 4 days to get your free snip in for putting your balls on the line. Call the shop or pop in and say hey and book in your chop!!

Black Cherry, Barebones and More!

A busy couple of weeks at Hair by Tommy J!

We were given the amazing priveledge to guest spot up at Barebones in Brisbane! Wow, what a bunch of rad people.

We got to catch up with Frazier who had a broken ankle (from skating, haha!) Hope you're feeling better! Man up, my girlfriend is more hardcore than you.

We also got to catch up with Luke and Steve and Kira from Uppercut, so good to see you guys again! Its been too long.

All in all, it was fucken  rad to work in the shop.. Everyone made me feel at home and super comfortable, it felt like just another day at work.

Thanks for having us guys, Rad.

In Local news, Povie is doing some excellent pinstripingon Jenny! He's also doing a sign at King St Laser. This kid is effing rad, if anyone needs signwriting or shop front illustration, hit him up! He's up and coming!

Check out his site Here

Melissa Jayne Wylie, Songs from the shower, is an amazingly gifted friend of ours. A modern talent with a 90's twist, with the soul of Chrissy Amphlett, It was a breath of fresh air to see an incredibly talented friend with a powerful voice sit in front of a mic with a guitar and a shower curtain and sing from the heart.

Check her work out Here

Also, we think we've found our new favourite Sydney band! Fox Company, the headliners for the night, played the best renditions of Johnny Be Good that I've ever heard. Not to take away from their original tracks. They've got their own style going on. If Kiss, the Clash and Jerry Lee Lewis had an epic threesome, Fox Company would be their gnarly love child. Its been a long time since I've seen two consecutive acts that have both Radelated* me.

Have you ever had a woman using beer cans for rollers strutting around in a diamante dress tell you that you're the shittest crowd ever and that she's too pretty for you, all the while, swigging cheap wine from a bottle by the mouthful?

Well, be prepared to meet the infamous Lauren LaRouge tonight at Black Cherry as she dares you to question your values and your stiletto height. Amongst some hypnotizing and tantalizing burlesque performances, Jackson Firebird from Melbourne are gracing the stage supporting Regular John. A night not to be missed!

Fun Barbering Fact:
  1.                "The barber was paid higher than the surgeon until surgeons were entered into British war ships during its many naval wars."

* Tommy's definition: Radelated; to have your hair stand up on the back of your neck, for your head to be thrown into an uncontrollable banging motion and your foot commences to attempt to slam through a concrete floor as the music takes over.